Fermé was founded in the spring of 2020 and was inspired by the many closed signs found in the home city of our founder Anjela Freyja during the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Fermé, french for "Closed”, was an acknowledgement of the closed restaurants, stores, and gathering spaces within her home city, Montreal. Originally founded to raise money for food insecurity in light of the pandemic, Fermé raised over $30,000 in donations during our first year in business.

Since, Fermé has grown in a loungewear and comfortwear brand, designed for working and living at home stylishly. The world is changing and our wardrobes and homes are a reflection of this. We strive to provide clothing that is thoughtful, comfortable, and made for this new era.

Our philanthropic roots will always be an important part of our story and has created a legacy we strive to maintain. This is why giving back will always be an essential part of our brand. Look out each season for a capsule collection of pieces that are specifically designed to support the causes that are important to us. All proceeds of these pieces will be donated to the selected charity.

To learn more about Fermé, please email hello@ferme.shop or sign up for our newsletter.